The Association

SHOT is the student field hockey association of Tilburg and counts approximately 355 members. SHOT offers field hockey on each level, from beginning to experienced. Apart from hockey, there’re a lot of opportunities of self-development by joining one of our committees. At SHOT, field hockey is taken seriously but there’re also a lot of parties and fun activities.


SHOT is run by students, for students. Only students play at SHOT. What does SHOT has to offer?

-       Uniform is provided

-       Cheap

-       A trainer for every team

-       Enough field hockey material

-       Fun & competitive

-       Discounts at different business partners of SHOT



SHOT has 10 women’s teams and 5 men’s teams. The first two women’s and man’s teams have a trainer and coach and train two times a week. The rest of the teams also have a trainer and they train once per week.


SHOT has been using LISA, a automized information system, for the administration of her members. With this tool you can find the competition schedule and trainings schedule of the club. If you have any questions about LISA, please contact [email protected].


Do you want to become a member?

You can become a member by filling in the registration form. After sending your registration, you will get a confirmation from the Secretary and he/she will let you know what team you’re placed in. If you are not sure what your level is, you can always try out at one of our teams. Please contact [email protected] if you’d like to.

For internationals/exchange students:

-       If you already know for how long you will be in Tilburg and want to be a member at SHOT, please fill this in on the registration form. In this way, you will only be registered for that period, and you won’t have to deregister.

-       If you are in Tilburg for a unknown time, than you can leave this box open in the registration form. However, you do have to deregister yourself when you decide to leave SHOT. If you’re not deregistered you will automatically be registered for another year and will also have to pay for this.


SHOT is a part of the Sports Centre and thus uses their facilities. Because of this reason, all members of SHOT are obligated to have a membership at Tilburg University Sports Centre.